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Generative AI and Copyright Law Forum – Exploring The New Boundaries of AI Creation and Intellectual Property Rights

As a cosmopolitan city and a vital constituent of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, Hong Kong is obligated to provide a rapid and proactive response to the interim measures for the administration of generative artificial intelligence services implemented in the mainland of the PRC as of August 15, 2023.

The forthcoming forum aims to establish a platform for comprehensive discussions, benefiting not only Hong Kong but the Greater Bay Area as a whole. We extend invitations to legal experts, scholars from Hong Kong and mainland China, frontline workers in the creative industry, movie industry, computer science & technology innovation sector, government officials, and other stakeholders to actively explore and discuss the various aspects of intellectual property rights and copyright protection in the new era of AI, ensuring that the creative industry, as well as the computer science industry, can benefit from the rapid evelopment of AI technology.

The event will be conducted in Putonghua. 是次活動將以普通話進行

Generative AI and Copyright Law Forum – Exploring The New Boundaries of AI Creation and Intellectual Property Rights

Date: 20 Jan 2024 

Time: 2:00pm – 5:30pm 

Venue: Z209, Block Z, PolyU 

Guests of Honour

Ms. HUI Lai Shan, Sandra
Asst Dir of Intellectual Property (Copyright)

Intellectual Property DepartmentHKSAR

Hon MA Fung-kwok, GBS, JP

LegCo Members


Mr. Crucindo Hung, GBS

Chairman of the Hong Kong Motion Picture Industry Association (MPIA)

Mr. Raymond Wong

Mandarin Motion Pictures Ltd

Prof. Lee Kun-pyo

Dean of School of Design and Chair Professor of Industrial Design

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Dr. Jae-Eun Oh

Associate Professor

School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Mr. Mak Chun Hung

President of the Hong Kong Motion Picture Post-Production Professionals Association(AMP4)


Mr Mak Chun Hung

Chairman of the Association of Motion Picture Post Production Professionals (AMP4)

Director, the Hong Kong Film Awards Association (HKFAA) Board of Directors

Original film scores producer/composer

Member of the Industry Consultative Networks (ICNs) -Creative Industries, Employees Retraining Board (ERB), HKSAR

City Image Ambassador of Guangzhou for International Publicity

Mr Mak has composed and produced original film scores for more than 200 Chinese movies and more than 100 original scores for Chinese TV drama series.

Some of his recent film scores for movies include Moscow Mission, Raid on the Lethal Zone, the Shock Wave sequel, and the White Storm sequel.

Some of his highly popular original BGM for TV dramas: The “Chinese Paladin” (仙劍奇俠傳) Season 1 & 3, the “Journey of Flower” (花千骨), Swords of Legends (古劍奇譚), Strange Tales of Liao Zhai series (聊齋系列).

Mr Mak has devoted himself to music education for many years. He teaches and gives seminars in universities in mainland China as well as in Hong Kong. He also has organised training courses for music lovers, teaching them music composition.

From Jan 2024, Mr Mak will be teaching “Innovative Music Creation with AI Technology” for master course students in the university.

Solicitor Xie Jia Jia

Lawyer, the Ronly &Tenwen Partners

Secretary, the Shanghai Bar Association Culture and Media Professional Committee

Director(general) of the Ronly &Tenwen Partners Professional Committee

Solicitor Xie has expertise in legal affairs related to copyright, trademark, and overall intellectual property rights, unfair competition, artists’ portrait rights, and reputation rights. She provides litigation, and non-litigation legal services in film and television media culture entertainment. She also has excellent knowledge of laws and regulations concerning AI development and copyright.

She is legal counsel to business enterprises such as Artificial Intelligence services providers, film and TV production companies, cultural derivative products developers, and artist management companies.

Mr Ron Leung

Product Designer

Mr Ron Leung is a renowned cross-disciplinary product designer based in Hong Kong and an active figure in the design community. Over the years, he has not only designed a variety of best-selling and award-winning products but also excelled in innovative product development and brand design. Ron firmly believes in the integration of design and emerging technologies, not only to address the challenges faced by our planet but also to enhance our daily lives by creating novel user experiences that bring joy and delight. In recent years, Ron has been actively exploring the potential that arises from the combination of artificial intelligence and design.

Professor Francis Lau

Co-Founder & Technical Director of MUXIC

Professor Lau served as the Head of the Department of Computer Science of the University of Hong Kong from 2000-2015 and Associate Dean of Engineering from 2016 – 2019. He has more than 30 years of experiences in R&D and application of IT to music. Professor Lau obtained his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo. He has also a violin player and music lover, he believes that music and technology match perfectly for creating a harmony and interesting experience.

Mr Nick Chan, MH, JP

Vice-Chairman, InnoTech Committe, The Law Society of Hong Kong

Honorary Fellowship of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Hong Kong Deputy to the National People’s Congress

 Partner of Squire Patton Boggs

Director heading AALCO Hong Kong Regional Arbitration Centre

Mr. Chan, a lawyer and lawmaker with a computer science background, is the Honorary Legal Advisor of SmartCity Consortium and a Partner of Squire Patton Boggs, a top ten most global law firm, with over 40 offices in the world.  Mr. Chan regularly advises on projects concerning ArtTech, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Smart Data, Cyber Security, Data Privacy, EduTech, ESG, FinTech, LawTech, Metaverse, PropTech, V2X and other technologies. Mr Chan served as Council Member and Chairman of Knowledge Transfer Committee of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.  Mr. Chan is a serving Council Member of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, as Chairman of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce’s Legal Committee, and as Honorary Legal Advisor of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries.  He Chairs the HKSAR Government’s Innovation and Technology Venture Fund Advisory Committee, and as Director leading the operations of AALCO Hong Kong Regional Arbitration Centre. He teaches Law and Technology covering LawTech, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, SmartyCity, Metaverse and Openverse at City University of Hong Kong.  He is an elected and serving Hong Kong Deputy to the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China.

Mr Raymond Wong Pak-Ming


In the 1980s, Mr Raymond Wong together with Karl Maka and Dean Shek formed Cinema City which has produced many blockbuster films in around 10 years. The three tragedies produced or written by Wong, namely ” Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing? “, “Why Me?”, and ” All About Ah Long” not only were box-office hits but also made the three leading male actors “kings” when they won the best actor awards of the Hong Kong Film Awards. Wong worked as a producer, screenwriter as well as leading actor for the “Happy Ghost” sequel which turned out to be blockbusters from 1984 to 1991. They became collective memories of the generation and part of Hong Kong’s film history. Later, Wong founded Mandarin Films Limited, now Mandarin Motion Pictures, and produced the very popular and successful film “Ip Man”. It became the Best Film at the 28th Hong Kong Film Awards. Donnie Yen has earned the name of “the most powerful man in the universe” because of playing the role of Ip Man. Wong went on to produce the Ip Man sequel from 2008 to 2019, all of which were two thumbs-up box office hits. The “Storm ” film series has made Louis Koo an anti-corruption hero in the eyes of the audience.

Solicitor XU Simin

Member of the Digital Economy Law Service Committee of Shenzhen Lawyers Association, and a member of the Digital Creative Industry Legal Service Team of Shenzhen Lawyer Association.

Solicitor XU Simin is a lawyer from Hui Ye Law Firm in Shenzhen. XU was graduated with a master degree in International Economic Law from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She has about 10 years experience in providing legal services, which include but not limited to Data Protection & Privacy, Labour & Employment,Insurance,IP and Dispute Resolution.

Dr. LAU Kit-Hung

Lawyer in Hong Kong, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Victoria, Australia, and England and Wales.

Dr. Lau obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree and Master of Philosophy degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Bachelor of Laws from the University of Sydney, Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the University of Technology, Sydney, and a Doctor of Juridical Science from the China University of Political Science and Law.

Since1994, Dr. Lau has been practicing law. He has previously worked at a prestigious law firm and served as a legal advisor to some Hong Kong listed companies. He is currently a partner at a law firm in Hong Kong. He is also a China-Appointed Attesting Officer, an arbitrator at the Guangzhou Arbitration Commission, a member of Standing Council of the China Scientific Technology Law Association, a founding member and vice chairman of the Hong Kong Institute of Legal Translation, and provides legal advice to numerous academic, commercial, and non-profit organizations.

Dr. Lau’s areas of practice include technology law, financial law, litigation / arbitration / mediation, China Attestation services, etc.

Professor Andy Chun

Adjunct Professor, College of Business, City University of Hong Kong

Regional Director, Technology Innovation, Prudential plc

Advisor, AI Specialist Group of Hong Kong Computer Society

He is now the Regional Director of Technology Innovation at Prudential plc, a leading life and health insurance and asset management company. His role is to promote the global use of cutting-edge technologies to enhance customer health and wealth. Before joining Prudential, he was the CEO of several tech startups and a Computer Science professor and University CIO at City University of Hong Kong.

Professor Chun is actively involved in community service and is an AI advisor to various organizations, such as the Hong Kong SAR Government and the Hong Kong Computer Society, where he was formerly Vice-President. He is also an honorary Adjunct Professor at the College of Business at City University of Hong Kong, and a Distinguished Fellow of the Hong Kong Computer Society.

He has been recognized as Hong Kong’s top CIO, one of Greater China’s top five CIOs, and a global top 100 IT leader. He has also received numerous local and international awards for his work, including HKICTA and APICTA as well as several AI awards from AAAI. He has a M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and completed tech executive MBA training from Boston University.

Mr Edmund Lee

President of the Technology Incubation Network (TIN) 2019
Vice President of the HKSTP Startups Alumni Association (SAA) by the Hong Kong Science Park in 2019 
Vice President of the Hong Kong Insurtech Association Limited in 2020
Director of the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) in 2020 
Member of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council Innovation and Technology Advisory Committee 2020 

Over the years, Mr Lee has led his R&D team to launch detection systems and intelligent A.I. monitoring systems that have won many awards. In 2018, he won the Hong Kong Awards for Industry and Commerce: Technology Achievement Award from the government. In 2020, he won two Hong Kong Retail Innovation Awards – ‘the Adversity Awards : Anti-epidemic Technology Product Award 2020’ and the ‘Innovation Award : Best Retail Innovation (Product) Award For Technology Vendors’. In 2021, he won the Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva 2021 for the invention – ‘A.I. Smart Pole to Prevent Damage to Underground Pipes’.

In 2023, Mr Lee was appointed by the Hong Kong SAR government as a member of the Innovation and Technology Fund Research Projects Assessment Panel. In the same year, he became the co-president of the Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Cooperation Association (HKITCA).

Mr Albert Leung

Chief Technology Officer

eBRAM International Online Dispute Resolution Centre Limited

With over 30 years of experience in telecommunications, media, FSI, transportation and public projects. In the past 2 years, Mr Leung developed an Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform using AI, Blockchain and Cloud for eBRAM and received a Bronze Medal at the “Special Edition 2022: Invention Geneva Evaluation Days”. 

Mr Leung is currently Vice Chairman of the Management Section of the Institution of Engineering and Technology Hong Kong network and Vice President of the Project Management Institutional Hong Kong Chapter. From 2014 to 2018, he was the Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in China (Guangdong) and the Vice Chairman (Guangzhou/Foshan/Zhaoqing Chapter) of the Federation of Hong Kong Industries.

He holds a Master of Science in E-Commerce and Internet Computing from the University of Hong Kong, a Master of Business administration, an Engineering degree, and a number of certifications in cyber technologies. He is also a Chartered Engineer (CEng), a Project Management Professional (PMP), a certified E-Commerce Consultant of CEC, and a Senior Certified Commercial E-Business Specialist of the China General Chamber of Commerce.

Mr Simon Wong

Alumni from the School of Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University 2021

He is currently the executive director of a startup animation company. His company primarily specializes in producing various PVs and advertisements for businesses and organizations using anime style. Mr Simon Wong is also the founding vice chairman of the local non-profit youth organization “Mid-Levels TeeNew.” He organises various activities on a regular basis, such as microfilm competitions, computer consultation services, distribution of supplies, workshops, etc. Serving the community with a strong commitment.

Ms. Chau Ting

Vice President of the Guangzhou Television Artist Association

Director of the Association of Motion Picture Post Production Professionals

President of Dream Riders (Beijing) Media & Culture Co., Ltd.

CEO of Heavenly Bliss (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

CEO of Dragon Riders (Fo Shan) Movie & Media Ltd.

Screenwriter, film producer

Chau Ting is a well-known screenwriter based in Hong Kong, now working closely with film/TV producers and media companies in mainland China. She has written more than 30 screenplays for feature films produced in HK, Taiwan, and mainland China in the past 30 years, since 1988.

Chau Ting is an all-round screenwriter. She writes comedies, dramas, actions, thrillers, horrors, etc. Her famous screenplays include the Young and Dangerous series – the most unforgettable and successful gangster film series in Hong Kong Cinema, The Storm Riders, and A Man Called Hero. All the above were high-grossing home-grown films in Hong Kong 1990’s.

Apart from writing screenplays, Chau Ting writes scripts for TV dramas and documentaries as well. Since 1997, she has written some very popular dramas that have received high primetime ratings not only in Hong Kong but also in Mainland China, Taiwan, and some Southeast Asia countries.

Since 2010, Chau Ting has devoted herself to setting up branding and business strategies for the TML Group, particularly in mainland China, in the production of cross-media entertainment projects, including but not limited to movies, TV dramas, musicals, music production, music publishing and all kinds of music training course.

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